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Cylance - Next-Generation Consumer Security Software for Windows

Cylance Smart Security  is a leading  next-generation consumer security software  for Windows PC that uses artificial intelligence to block future, unknown variants of malware, offering better protection than any existing traditional antivirus solution. Cylance protect for PC  uses Cylance's patented mathematical approach, utilizing  machine learning  techniques instead of reactive signatures and sandboxes to render malware, viruses, bots and unknown future variants incapable of executing.

5 Minute Solution of Google play store error checking for updates


Frequently getting the notification of  the Google Play store  error checking for updates? Then leave your headaches behind and read the entire article to get the ultimate solution. When Google play shows such errors, it can not update any Android applications. Then some of us get scared of whether this issue can be solved without losing any data. But it is not a big deal to get worried. In this article, we have provided some easier yet effective methods to solve this app update error problem.